A step-by-step actionable breakdown for first-time founders.

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Why are your first ten customers so important?

People think he’s “performing alchemy.”

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Here’s one, from a psychologist turned founder.

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Critical business lessons from the card table.

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Their sales pitch to me was badass.

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What makes you unstoppable.

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From Mark Cuban and the founders of Twitter, Zynga, and Craigslist.

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Low friction, fast, and less expensive than legacy options.

Adam McCann, CEO/Founder of Claimer
  • 10X faster and easier (automated).
  • Reliable, maximised claims (expert reviewed). 📈
  • Low cost (5% fee!) 😍

How to make your customer acquisition thrive in the new iOS ‘era’.

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First-hand practical insight from an accomplished founder, advisor, and investor.

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“People often talk about how Silicon Valley’s “Move Fast & Break Stuff” ethos is one of its secret weapons.

This idea can be implemented in a huge variety of ways, from the wildly unethical, to the ill-considered, to just using the phrase to handwave away chaos and poor leadership.

But at its core, there is a secret weapon in that phrase.

If you can do it right, the ability to move fast, and the willingness to break (the right) stuff can result in learning massively faster and more effectively than your competition.

But there’s a huge challenge in implementing a…

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